Indoctrination Chapter 2

physical manifestations that kept striking him after every interaction. Right now for example, it was hard to think about what Alex might have meant when his body couldn’t decide if it wanted to vomit, fuck, or simply collapse. He kept trying to reason with himself as he slid out of his jeans and t shirt. Maybe Alex really was just trying to be

He Did It In My Mouth

and he told me when he was ready, I would know and when that time came that I should push my tongue down hard against the bottom of my mouth and then back as far as it would go so it would close off my throat and keep the spurts from gagging me.I felt practically insane with the idea of it. So nasty. So wicked and nasty and disgusting. Letting a

Anything for a Cowboy

sun and sticking out in all directions. Her lips were full, her eyes dark and piercing despite a near comedic smear of grease on her forehead, and there was a pair of wire rimmed glasses perched on her cute nose. She wasn’t exactly beautiful. The short hair, combined with the slanted eyes and cheekbones made her look more like a Star Trek

Janes story

new job in an insurance company started a few weeks back and it was a real eye opener for me. I had just entered the front door when I bumped into a boy I knew from school. He was very fit and it was clear that he wanted to me as much as I wanted him. We quickly found an empty room and I removed my dress and thongs. I was already wet so I skipped

Stephanie – Chapter Three

would surely have had them replaced by now. I was aching for a cock inside me, my dildo simply wasn’t enough. But James and I made a promise to stay faithful, no matter how horny we got, so all I had to pleasure myself with was my fingers and my dildo. My phone started ringing, it was my best friend, Emma. Emma was at the same college James was,

I Dream of Demie 5 - Clucking Hell

notice anything wrong until Mookie started to bark. Marsha peered into the trees. There was a shadow there, definitely female."Hello?" she offered. The shadow separated from the darkness of the trees and Marsha could see the curves of an hourglass figure above the gait of a self-assured woman approaching her. Mookie barked louder, almost frantic,

Homesick and lonely.

2002-2004, I was stationed at the US Naval base in Yokosuka, Japan. It was then, and still is, the Headquarters of the US Pacific Fleet. When I was stationed there, it was a very busy place. The war in Iraq was in full swing, and a lot of our ships were deployed. My rate was IS, which designates Intelligence Specialist. Because my rank at the

The Letter: Preparations Ch. 01

thing growing between us. We want a lot of the same things, companionship, trust, fidelity, a home to fill with children’s laughter somewhere down the line. We hold a lot of the same values and beliefs. We mesh so well together. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t agree on everything. Wouldn’t that be dull? We agree to disagree on the small stuff and


for him as he felt her body against him, making him grow against her. He tugged at the buttons on his shirt and threw it to the floor before returning to her embrace where he took her into his arms and with passion and hunger kissed and teased her neck until she was limp in his strong arms and breathless. Chris laid her on the bed as he took off

Jamaican Beauties Jaunt Ch. 01

whispers in her ear. They often go out dining and dancing and sometimes they stay out all night. Now please tell me what this is about.’ ‘One last question. How active is their sex life?’ ‘I don’t actually know, but according to mother, and father has never objected to her saying it, even in public, they have sex every day they are together,

Who's Playing Who?

you there," I say, acting the part, all blushy and flutter eyed."Nah it's all good! You look... yummy.""I look yummy?" I try to act like I don't know what that means."Yea, ya know... " he smiles."I'm afraid I don't... sir.""Haha, well, my names Jason, first off. Secondly, I can show you what I mean." His hands have found my waist, and he's pulled

The Last True Fan Ch. 02

where I could fit in. You know how it can be living out here: needing to go into the City to find what you can’t here. Found a couple of bars.’ ‘Bars? Nothin’ wrong with bars.’ ‘Gay bars, lesbian bars. I was looking for love, or at least some new friends to keep me company. It’s tough to be alone after you’ve been in a relationship for 25 years.

A Ride to Heaven and Back

arousal when she had sat beside him. Hell, his cock had gone to full attention and so far it was still there. ‘I’m not, I don’t do drugs, don’t drink more then an occasional glass of wine, and I don’t sleep with every man who asks me. Just one who was kind of cute and had a nice body. Actually, I have been interviewing truck drivers as I was

The Bus Ride - Wednesday

Elbow Guy never appeared either. Arriving at her meeting after the uneventful bus ride, RuthAnn was relieved. A while later her relief gave way to a different feeling. Sadness? Disappointment? Whatever it was it weighed on her mind all day causing her to lose focus. At last, the day ended. RuthAnn again got on the bus and took a seat for the

Foodies Forever

door and I was completely blown away. She was dressed in a gold satin jumpsuit with stilettos. She looked so hot and I was awe struck by her outfit and beauty. Dinner was tremendous, of what I remembered; I was too busy staring at Doris. After dinner, we went and sat down on her couch. We were mutually attracted to one another and then there was

Adonis in the Flesh Ch. 03

hit him when they finally came face to face. They’d both be lucky if they didn’t wring each other’s necks in public. She was lost deep in her thoughts when the phone rang, startling her a bit. She sighed, suddenly making a decision. Jared had taken many things from her, but she wouldn’t allow him to take away anymore from her life. It was time to

Best Winter every with my wifes relatives

he could no longer see the car he wanted her to turn around and come back for more. He felt like a young man again and he was loving it. Stan got all of the bags into the house and started looking around for anything that he needed to pick up before his wife and her family came back, good thing they cleaned up before going on vacation so their

Wolf Creek Ch. 03

fashionable district that Shaffer and Vaughn had rented together for the duration of the fair. That evening Charles spent as much time and energy on what Ada was wearing to dinner as he did on his own attire. And Charles was such a dandy about his own appearance that Ada had no illusions concerning how important this evening and her participation

The Two Miss Yomikos

because she had checked these things many times and never made a mistake.I slid into my beautiful duplicate Miss Yomiko’s ass from behind and she slowly dropped down to the top of the bedspread unable to take my long demanding cock for too long in an “on all fours” position.It was somewhat of a surprise to have Miss Yomiko number two climb on top

The Other Woman

with her mouth open in a silent scream. I slowed my assault on her until finally, she came down. I stopped and removed my hand as she sat back and rested, supported by her hands, breathing hard and a pink flush on her neck and chest. Her legs were still open, her pussy glowing with her fluid. I was dying to put my mouth down there to taste her

The Hot Neighbor

so demanding, taking what they wanted. He moaned, so full of passion. After a long enough time that she thought she would be consumed by the fire in her, he moved his lips away from hers and danced his tongue along her neck, biting softly. “Ohhhh" was all she could manage to get out. Her hands were in his hair, on his back, clutching at him.

Discoveries with Mack (Reformatted)

quite a while; he’s sweet, kind hearted, slightly dumb (hey, it’s cute.) and he always seems to know how to make me laugh, even in the worst of times. He’s not too bad looking himself if I do say so myself; with a mix of reddish brown hair, a clean shaven face, a great smile, and oh my god, those eyes! His green eyes always seem to be peircing

Beach Nudity

made no attempt to stop me. At this point, I looked at Graham to see that he had an erection and was slowly wanking while watching me work on his wife. He just smiled at me. I looked at Jean, but she was still reading her book.I started to slowly rub Yvonnes clit. She started to move her hips and push them up to my hand. I slowly moved my fingers

9 Nights Intro

sliding his cock in all the way, pressing her roughly against the shower wall. Brooke gasps and whimpers lightly, clawing down John’s back. “Yes, please,” she gasps, “please fuck me hard baby. God, please..” Grinning, he obliges, roughly sliding his thick cock in and out of her soft, shaven pussy. She claws down his back, whimpering and moaning,

Movie Night Ch. 2

to undestand. Thanks. Kisses, SluttyKim The following day was Saturday. Chris woke in her bed and lay there thinking of the previous nights events. She was embarrassed and angry with herself for turning into such a slut with Mike and cheating on her fiance Joe. She thought of how she had let Mike cum in her fertile unprotected pussy, let him,

Liam and Hannah - Part 1

feel of his stubble tickling her neck. He breathed in her scent and exhaled, his hot breath on her sensitive flesh causing her to arch her back in pleasure. "Have I convinced you?" He asked against her throat. He felt her nod her head, and wasted no time in gently cradling the back of her head and guiding her into a slow but passionate kiss. She

Whoa! Jason and the Dean Make a Deal X

by a cute young receptionist. Dean Malcomb rose and stuck out his hand to Jason. After shaking hands the Dean spoke. “Have a seat, Jason. I want to discuss something with you. First, how are you doing in your new position as our Lab Supervisor?” “I'm doing well, Dean Malcomb. I am getting on well with the scheduling, and the paperwork is

NAKED LEGAL 4: Trap Set and Sprung

He put the same blindfold over my upper face. “How about now?” I couldn’t see anything, but I unmistakably heard gasps coming from all three.As the blindfold came off, Mr. Franklin continued. “We could have used only the complete original video and finished you. This other was insurance.”“Where did you get …”“You edited the video before

There Is Always Another Train. Part 2

my labia apart and my tunnel exposed.“Well…now…Marco, who has the prettiest pussy?”He looked at me then back to Chantel.“You do, Mistress,” he replied quick as you like.“And which pussy would you like to taste?” she enquired.He looked at both before saying “Both, Mistress.”Chantel roared with laughter.“Marco, you say the wisest things…now…I can

The Vampire Kiss Chapter Twelve: Wanton Sin

The burning bliss spread through the angel's body. Her wings flapped and her body trembled. Aurora slammed her ass back into Jezebel's thrusts, the slap of their flesh echoing through the priest's soul.A wonderful, decadent bliss spilled through the angel. Her back arched as her first orgasm exploded through her. She embraced the rapture flowing

Cazamir Ch. 01

it was her home, though what would happen to this home tomorrow had yet to be answered to her satisfaction. But now was not the time to ponder on that. Her mind groused at the thought of any kind of mental workout before it had been allowed it’s coffee. Her morning routine consisted of making her coffee, A rich Ethiopian blend that smelled of

A Mother and Daughter Affair (the Whole Story)

her mothers clit and tweaked it, rubbing it around and then suddenly sliding two fingers from her other hand into the throbbing mouth of her mommys cunt. Julias mind was a whirlwind of dreams and passions. It was as if she was fingering herself. Ann rolled her head from side to side, and asked, Oh God, Julie, youve my baby girl, tell me is this

Fiancés friend

science. I have known Kevin for a little over two years. He only began hanging out at our house a lot in the last eight months or so since he and Matt both returned from Afghanistan. His wife left him while they were deployed. He volunteered to do a turn around and go back out with my fiancés team. She left him for volunteering to go back instead

Kings Bay Ch. 04

crush Callie and dropped my forehead to her chest. Her heartbeat sounded steady. I wondered if mine would ever come down to a normal rate again. ‘Diz?’ ‘Hmmm?’ ‘Just checking.’ ‘I’m here.’ ‘That’s good.’ She ran her fingers through my hair. ‘No, that was incredible.’ I raised my head to meet her eyes. She smiled. ‘I told you, didn’t I?’ ‘Yeah,

Bonding Time 2

her back against the wall and kissed her hard, my hands squeezing her breast and pinching her hard nipples. My hands found there way down to her pussy and I began to rub her clit. My mouth lowered to her nipples I inserted 2 fingers into her pussy. My thumb circled her clit and I fucked her pussy. Her hips rotated and grinding on my hand. I

Chances Pt. 02

swallowed and allowed herself to be quietly taken from the room. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ‘Wake up!’ an angry voice boomed. Shoshana gasped when a bucket of cold water was dumped over her head and her eyes snapped open. ‘Who are you and who do you work for?’ a tall man with broad shoulders demanded to know. ‘My name is Lily, I work for a small


to be with another woman, experience the taste of another woman.She knew what she herself tasted like but she was consumed with the idea of a different taste, a different person, a beautiful, tender, passionate, horny woman she could eat and who would eat her!When she first started thinking about it, it was ‘another woman.’But she had fantasized


hard, bobbed above my lips, just out of tongue-reach as I tried to lick the tip. “No,” he said sternly, raising his hand as if to slap my face. I winced, bracing myself for the blow, but when I dared to open my eyes again he stroked my cheek and smiled wickedly. That smile. That face. He was so handsome it made me ache to think about it. I

Stranded Ch. 02

me Kathy?’ she whispered. ‘Sure, Kathy. No problem.’ I figured it best to drop the subject and to tackle the day’s needs. I applied more tape to the walls for a tighter seal. Like I’d said earlier, it wasn’t pretty but it was functional. The rest of the day was taken up with routine. Our biggest improvements were the warm clothes and warmer

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 33

‘Uh, yeah. I was trying to call my attorney.’ ‘I’m sorry, sir, but the main switchboard is out. I’ll have someone notify you when it is repaired.’ I hung up the phone. ‘He says the switchboard is out. Let’s go up to the roof.’ Jennifer and I got our phones and we all left the suite. On the way to the elevator, Tommy said, ‘You know, Dude, if we

Cabin Fever: Need A Little Company - Chapter 02

while never letting the head escape her lips. But once he was at full attention, Marcy promptly quit the blowjob and stood up. Paul glared at her with confusion. She grabbed his erect maleness firmly and pulled on it as hard as she could without hurting him. Paul had no choice but to get up and follow her hand. "Come on," she instructed in a


students papers see ‘ , : are missing please…my girlfriend is a Thai lady and has done her best and she has asked to me to point this out to the readers.She hopes you enjoy this fantasy.This is a story about an unusual happening in a swimming hole in when I was on holiday. I decided to go for out for the day by myself and...Well it turned out to

Jenna and Tanya

old school and I was a coward, afraid of what they would say if I brought a girlfriend home. Tanya changed all that. I’d had a busy night. I was a student in my second year of an art’s degree and the course was getting difficult. I was single, I was no longer sexually interested in men. It had taken long enough for me to be sure, but I wanted a

The Love Doctor

did to his face or body, it wouldn’t make a difference in how I felt about him.I rang the bell to his house and his daughter Ann introduced herself. She let me know that he was upstairs in his bedroom and led me to him. She told me to wait outside and then she walked in and spoke to him. “There’s someone here to see you,” Ann told him, not

My Spanish next door neighboor

independent, neither major economic problem, nor financially embarrassed. I hadn’t realized how time goes by too quickly, since years ago, engaged in raising my kids. I should confess I’ve been all alone during these years, only devoted to my family since my widowhood.  Men have always courted me though. I think I’m a fortunate or privileged

Forgotten Island Pt. 01

the port cross beam. Lighting broke across the sky. Nadia could clearly see the crack as the main mast rolled off into the sea, and the cross beam crashed right onto the bridge. The Captain had also disappeared before her eyes. The wheel had come off the axle. Her captain, her leader, her savior, her lover.?..was just standing there a minute ago.

The EX Ch 1

ago. She thought all of the feelings were suppressed, but clearly, everything surfaced the moment she looked into his brown eyes. He was tall, had sandy brown hair, and deep dark mysterious eyes. Coal eyes. His jaw line was strong, and he kept his hair a little longer then he should. He was a realtor broker,and kept a boyish playfulness about

Lisa – A woman hard to please

make-up industry were that women, generally called the shots and their fat cat employers sat back and reaped the dividends. Drew joined in the August and was expected to hit the ground running. He had a good CV and had impressed his new boss at his interview. Now, with hindsight, being economical with the truth here and there had been a

The Futa Fairy - Futa MILF's Harem Wish Chapter 2: Mrs. Fatima's Taboo Fun

savored the glide, loving every moment of it. It was so amazing to share this with her. Our tits rubbed together, nipples caressing. Every bit of her was so silky and smooth beneath me. I savored every place we pressed together, everywhere we touched. It built the pleasure in me. It swelled in me as we moved together.“Cum in me, sweet sister,”

Extra Tuition - Punished by German Frau [3]

she ordered.Ten minutes later we’d all finished, and she collected the sheets and told me to hand out the German textbook so we could study the verbs as before while she marked the test. I collected the books from the back but as I put one on Marie’s desk, Frau was preoccupied, and Marie put her hand out and rubbed the bulge in my trousers. As I

Tom Ch. 02

that.’ ‘Dad feels betrayed.’ ‘Oh yeah?’ ‘What does that mean?’ Tom chose to remain silent about Carl’s annual visit to Texas. ‘Here are our drinks Carl. Let’s talk about something else. This could be the last time I’ll be this close to you and Jane. Let’s not misuse this time.’ ‘You know Tom, for a backcountry cowboy from Texas you have the

Ancestry Part 2

on by what they see. That’s why porn is such a big business.”“Well, I have never done anything like this before. I don’t think porn will ever be the same again.”She laughed and drank the wine. I was surprised by the way she felt comfortable being naked around me. I had put on my boxers as soon as I came back, but she was still in her chair, with

College with a Cane Pt. 05

my side, so we could look face to face. ‘Where do I begin?’ I wondered out loud. ‘Why don’t you start where you feel comfortable,’ she suggested. ‘Alright, well I guess we’ll go from the car accident. I was on my way to a track meet… Actually, it was our league finals. I was at a stop sign, waiting my turn to go. The guy behind me was not. I

The Gigolo and the Angel Ch. 03

we will not know how high the paralysis goes on his body. We do know that when he came in he was complaining that he couldn’t feel anything below his chest.’ Angel dropped her head in her hands, ‘Does he know that he will never walk again?’ she mumbled from her hands. ‘No. We have not told him. There are a few choices that need to be made while

Anno Viventes Mortuae Ch. 03

to check the road. A few minutes later he returned with news. It seemed the road was clear. Assumedly there had been an accident that caused the pile up back the way they’d come from. This far from it, either motorists had managed to turn around, or authorities had brought in trucks to tow abandoned vehicles away. One hoped the passengers of the

How I Was Seduced Into A Gang Bang

I was very bored at this point so I jump on a few sites to see if I could find a online chat with somebody. Sure enough I found a guy who wanted to discuss politics with me. I don’t usually care that much about politics but I decided to chat for a while with him. As we chatted I ask him,” Where are you from?” I knew he was in my state but I was

A Trip to NYC

two months and my pussy needed a good work out. Two hours later I hit the Lincoln tunnel and was entering NYC. I called Payton from the other side and had her give me directions. I weaved my way through the streets and finally ended up near Central park where I was supposed to meet her. As I sat waiting I saw the most gorgeous guy I'd ever seen

The days After My Wedding part 2

and he told me about the girl, that took my place the last two weeks, he said she was an old women and that he was really bored without me. So I enjoyed your wedding. he said I bet you did Todd and you have put me through such guilt the last couple of weeks. I said I know you enjoyed it Britney he said Yes I enjoyed it, but Im officially a

Dark Alley

delicious and tempting to me and I nearly bit it off in my eagerness to take him to that ultimate place. A moan and grunt later he gave me what I was sucking for. The sudden salty taste of hot spunk surged from the end of his cock and spread quickly through my mouth, feeding my hungry lust. He kept pumping into my mouth and like a nasty

The House By the River

I continued to fuck her. I can feel war juices leak out of her pussy and run down my legs, looking down I see the white cream running down her inner thighs and I came in her again. This time my dick began to deflate and I stepped back from my beautiful dead lover. I admired the cum slowly run down her legs and drip on the floor. I pulled up the

The Teacher Learns A Lesson, Chapter 5

going, not wanting to cum but also knowing I was going to cum, then it happened. "OOOH, oooh, ooh, oh, Sharon, oh, you feel so good. You make me feel so good, oh, so good," and I leaned over kissing her back as I slowly continued stroking in and out of her. It just felt so good. Well, the rest of the night and into the morning was a continuation

me and Makinzie

we hear and alarm its comeing from here moms room and she tells me to hide so i go into her closet and hear. (her mom)Makinzie what are you doing up this early. (Makinzie)Nothing i just hearded your alarm go off. (her mom)Ok why are you naked? (Makinzie)It got hot over night and i couldnt sleep with my clothes. (her mom)Wow hunny you look

Rocky Mountain Way

that good in about six months, isn’t that crazy!”“Well you seemed to have relieved a lot of stress, sure enough! So, what’ve we got in the fridge?”They set about making a “hobo scramble”, his specialty. Pretty much anything that ever went into a breakfast meal was thrown in. Ham, bacon, sausage, peppers, onions, mushrooms, potatoes, olives,

Weekend Lovers

his erect penis. The girl moaned deep in her throat, her eager hands running up and down his chest and sides as the pair began to dry-hump one another. Michael responded with equal fervor and grabbed the teens hips, roughly ramming his hips against hers as their kiss became more and more impassioned. Mandy moaned loudly and pushed herself down

Secret Agent Kate Davenport

stood up. Leaning over the table he first filled up Bruno’s glass and then Roger’s.‘You certainly like your wine, Roger,’ he said. Everybody chuckled, except Kate who had just walked in with a bowl in her hands. Roger suspected his problems might just have become bigger, but his head was swimming nicely and people were friendly, so why not relax

Robert and Clara – Gaol Break

out of control thrusts. She urged him on with knees and voice and nails. The harder he thrust, the higher her voice rose. In this position, she could not control her response, and spurred him on with demands for more. As he speeded up, she tightened around him and screamed as she collapsed into his arms. He roared as he followed her over

The Favor.

touching themselves at crotch and breasts. I noted that Tammy liked to pull on her nipples while Penny rolled them between her fingers. They both went immediately for the clitoris. It's very informative to watch a woman masturbate, as they get into it they do what they like to have done to them, something always worth knowing. My boner was maxed

Solace & Rosanna Ch. 17

you two might make a good pair. This time I was right on the money, L. D. Solace Tynan is a natural. She’s got the “it factor. I just wish people could see past her visual impairment.” Ardena’s pride in Solace was transparent. She was known for saying what she felt. How she managed to do so with aplomb was a well-guarded secret. All Ardena would

My First Show

Jane. ‘No!’ she thought shaking her head, ‘I’m not going to do it!’ ‘I’m doing it!’ As she reached into her room for the light switch she thought back to that fateful Friday night about a month ago. She’d come home by taxi about 11:00 after a really boring monthly dinner meeting at which she’d had a few too many drinks. She’d stumbled into her

Prof Davis gets a new job 8

probably sleep all of the way home.” “I feel so bad but it wasn’t really anyone’s fault, “Kyla explained. “It was just one of those things that happen.” I guess it’s time to let you into our conversation. I’m Professor Davis and I help with the cheer squad at the Junior College where I teach. I don’t coach them, I’m more of the equipment

Ascendance - A Romance (Part 1)

already done all the polite conversation. She sat back and crossed her legs. “Stand up, she said.“ What? That seemed a little odd. Maybe it’s her special seduction ritual. I’ll play along. I stood up. “Go over to that chair across the room,“ she said. “Get completely undressed, fold your clothes neatly, and put them on the chair.“ “What the

When the Secretary becomes the Boss!

of this moment for a long time; he would regret having given me that silly slap on my bottom! When I finally entered the office, Jack was standing in the middle of it, casting his gaze around what was his office up until a few days ago. He didn't know whether to be angry or contrite. ‘You really stitched me up,’ he hissed as I entered. ‘I don't

Tranny in Toronto - Chapter 3

licking it and spitting it, and drooling all over it. They were working very well together to make me cum. Kumar then put his mouth over my cock and began to deep throat it, I could feel my cock going all the way inside his mouth towards his throat, feeling the sensational feelings of his tongue all the way through. Shirag raised my left knee and

first time was with 2

where both taking turns until I was as hard as I could be.. I didn’t know which one to do first but they picked for me. I was laying there whith one on top of me doing her thing and the other one was just kissing me.. We where all enjoying it but I think I was enjoying it a lil more than them.. One of the girls was riding me like she had done it

Twos Company, Threes A Party

to ignore the occurrence, thinking it was merely the product of an overactive imagination, when at that moment, she burst into my bedroom with a huge grin on her face. ‘Hiya Danny! I was in the neighborhood, and after I knocked and got no answer, I used my key,’ she explained with a broad smile. ‘That’s quite apparent, Stephanie.’ I chuckled as

The Rogue's Harem Book 2, Chapter 1: The Princess's Desires

hard clit.Sparks exploded.My pussy convulsed.My head threw back, my bright-violet hair swept about my shoulders as I moaned out in rapture. Wave after wave of delight washed out of my cunt. I squirmed on my throne, holding my slave so tight in my embrace, drinking in the rapture.“Las's delicious cum!” I hissed, stars dancing before my eyes.For

Kobi's Demise

Kobi. "Not to worry, you won't be getting any play time with them" General Bellatrix proceeded to take off her skirt. Kobi watched in arousal and in horror as she pulled down her skirt. Kobi looked at General Bellatrix's crotch and noticed a unusually large bulge in the front of her panties. "That can't be right" Kobi thought to himself. General

Oh the Games We Play

messes up. “Fuck,” he hisses. “Dude, what is wrong with you? That was an easy shot!” Jake shouts in the headset. “I’m gonna have to pause this,” Danny growls before grabbing Meg and pulling her into a rough kiss that has her swooning. He drops the remote to his side and leans back on the couch, “Strip for me,” he commands, ignoring the fact his

Hot blood (for our Queen)

my gland gives an intense sensation. It’s heavenly! We are in the king size hotel bed. Daniela is on top of me, kissing me everywhere, from head to toe. She licks my hairless balls and runs her tongue and lips slowly along the shaft. “Hmmm... so horny,” she hisses before turning around and moving her smooth, slippery pussy over my face. She takes

Little Beach Ch 2

me hard. It was not long until she climaxed again. I place my lips on hers and shoved my cock one more time inside her. It exploded filling every crevice of her hot pussy.She kissed me back, with one strong enough to curl my toes and asked, “How long will you be in town love?”I rolled off of her, pulled her into my arms and replied, “I’m here for

For The Love of the Wolf King

of their old stuff that they didn’t want anymore. I was a single woman in her early thirties, five years since my divorce from my ex-husband. I pulled my white Volkswagen up to the curb and switched off the engine and stepped out of the car and looked at all of the antiques people were selling. Nothing in particular caught my eye so I turned to


kitchen and asked if I wanted a drink. I declined, saying I was a little hung over and asked for a glass of water. He then got to what he wanted to know, saying he thought Cal was trying to get together with his girlfriend. (I had noticed he never used Cynthia’s name, but always referred to her as “my girlfriend”.)He had called Cal that morning,

changing crystal pt. 1

only the head in and pretend it was a tootsie pop. I let him use my body for dry humping and even learned how to swallow cum which really made him go crazy.After Mom returned he continued to visit me at night or on market days. Even after mom found an apartment in town, we continued to spend Sundays at the farm and mom trusted only him for

Study Buddy Ch. 02

around his waist, thrust her hips against him and impaled herself on his shaft. She grabbed his beard again and pulled him into a hot kiss, almost violent in it’s intensity, moaning loudly into his mouth. Just as he started to rock his hips against her, she felt him reach down and turn on the vibrator, the combined sensation making her squirm

How I Met Lance Graham

God!” I yelled out as orgasm took over my whole body. My mouth dropped open and my limbs went numb. I could only faintly hear the sound of the man scream and could only then feel the sensation of a warm load of cum fill my butt hole. As he pulled out I fell down, still numb from my orgasm. He pulled my hair and pulled me to his cock, which

Harry Potter - Chapter 9 Pt1

cheekbone and some landing in her left ear. Goyle's cum, on the other hand, consistently hit the right side of Pansy's nose with some landing on her chin. Crabbe's cum started to drip on her eye, forcing her to shut it while Goyle's cum dripped down to her lips and eventually on Draco's dick, which then went down her throat. After Crabbe and

Nightmarish Husband

week. This is because her husband Craig had been unusually horny in the past month. At first, Paulette enjoyed the attention she had been getting from Craig but wondered where the extra libido had been coming from. But then, he needed to have sex twice a day. When that was not enough, he would bang her three times in a row. Plus he was no longer

Our First Swinging, House Party Ch. 03

them. There’s just something about feeling a woman through her bra and panties while kissing her. Not a pretty sight but a scary one, Minnie reminded me of Danny DeVito when he played the Penguin in Batman. She made my skin crawl and her husband, Don, who looked as if he was on the sex registry list or should be on the sex registry list, gave me

Shard 97: Sexhair

their unexpectedly epic fuck the night before, and the improbably even hotter one that followed in the morning. The waitress came back to take their orders. Her eyes took in the woman’s hair a second time, and she took less care in hiding her smile. He told the waitress they needed more time. “Sexhair,” he said, after the waitress left. “Huh?”

"one lucky day" part one

how did you find me? Serena said. She was so happy to see him but she dose not show it. He turns her around and lifts her dress he quickly pulls hiss dick out and lifts on of her legs and pushes him into her. mmmmmm he moaned. She fights back a little her hands on his shoulders. Why are you doing this to me? She asked trying to hold her moans in.


licks, ever approaching your flower and it’s sweet warm elixir. All of my senses are being aroused now. The sound of your sighs and breathing, the feel of your skin and your heat, the essence of your body, the taste of your nectar, the signs of desire I can see in your body. I bend down to kiss the gates to your secret treasure and gently part


on his pipe with a smile and blew a smoke ring. The other snorted and asked: ‘Was that your answer?’ ‘Hm-hmm! But no, if you’re thinking what I suspect.’ ‘I didn’t either.’ ‘Two of us.’ He drew on his pipe again and snorted, then asking: ‘Remember panty girdles? I don’t think girls these day know what they are.’ ‘What made you think of that?’

Sex Diaries: The Affair

ear to keep it from getting in her face. While admiring this view Adam started to reminisce to the day Riya walked into his office for an interview. She had been dressed in a tight black business suit and high heels with her hair in a single pony tail. She looked incredible. He remembered the light pink lipstick over her luscious lips, the soft

No Batteries Required

she was a little embarrassed. “I was talking with my college roommate a few weeks ago and told her that you were working long hours. I mentioned that you were so tired when you came to bed that I didn’t have the heart to ask for sex. She suggested that I watch some porn on the internet and masturbate until you had time for me.”The way she said,

First love

34D - cup breasts, exposed to the cool air as my fingers gently pinch her clit. Softly moaning, we kiss as my hand moves from her clit only to meet hers. Barely touching her skin, my hands move around and up her sides pulling her in closer to me.Denise unzips my trousers, releases my cock and in one thrust, I am deep in her warm pussy. She wraps

A Teenage Escort

sound.Brendy was close, he was close, and I was ready.Our client pulled Brendy hard back against him burying his cock deepinto her asshole. Brendy had her arm half way up my never explored buttand I liked it, her mouth was very deliciously sucking my cunt, and shewas grinding her cunt so hard on my face I couldn?t breathe.?Ahhh, that?s it, I?m

My first dog in 40 years

i was getting my own rythym going and begn enjoying it, after what seemed like half an hour i felt his cum fill my hole, i put a hand beneath my balls and felt it running down the inside of my thighs, i scooped what i could onto my fingers and tasted his cum, this done it for me, i pulled away from sparky cock to release him form his duty of

Art Class Part II

arms behind my back on the bed that I am precariously perched on. Helen just stared at me. “Well go on Helen. You know what to do, don’t you? Did I not hear you say earlier you have a fascination for the male penis but have never seen one live? Then let mine be your first and from now on can you please refer to as a cock please,” I said, as I

Tranny in Toronto - Chapter 5

out loud, tensing as she climaxed. Then, moving up her body, I licked at her nipples, pretending I was once again a child and she was my Mother; I nestled into her chest and suckled on her long teats. Eventually I moved over on top of her and as she opened her legs, my cock slid along her coarse pubic hair until it rested at the opening of her

Abi's Punishment

made herself as comfortable as possible in difficult circumstances. Without looking at her, I went over to the cupboard and opened it. Various instruments of punishment were to be seen hanging up inside. I selected a three foot cane and a two tailed leather tawse and placed them on my desk.As the girl shifted nervously on her hard wooden seat, I

Diaries of Ceres and Taliya -Part two: Taliya- P1

when all self respecting people were asleep, tucked under their covers?   Both Ceres and I had uncompleted chores to do, immediately, before our owners awoke.  Owners, you ask?  Is this one of those eighteenth century Deep South slave narratives?  No, this actually takes place around the turn of the twenty first century, in modern day America,

Becoming an Escort

with the pain. Before long the exquisite sensation of being fucked filled my senses. Nicki had made it clear that the auction had been to bareback me and I didn’t care. My punter started to breathe heavily and then I felt him tense and then cum flood me. He collapsed on me and kissed me deeply. We cuddled for a few moments before he dressed and

The Stripper Wife, Chapter 1

money?" "Sweetie with your looks and that body, if you didn't make at least that, you are being cheated," Lisa said. Donna blushed at the compliment. Two thousand dollars would sure help the family budget. It would keep them from having to borrow any money from her parents and they would finally be able to relax the purse strings a bit. But a

My sister caught me! Part 1

board as the porno starts. I spread my legs and massage at my pussy through my shorts, the naked girl on the screen begins covering herself in oil. I loved lesbian pornos, I was bi, and loved a good scissor session. I had only ever masturbated with my fingers, I've never actually had anything sexual done to me. Another girl walks in, a blond and

Samanthas Transformation

point heels right up to the exciting circle in the stocking top. My cock gets hard again and I move over to you rubbing your anus softly. Instantly you realize my thoughts and say Go on master. Spread my cheeks and fuck me up the ass babe. I mount your anus and shove my hard dick inside achieving double penetration for you. I thrust into your

First times are never what you expect them to be

conversations. For whatever reason we both had avoided this topic for the whole evening and she moved a little closer, the first clear and real indication that she was interested. This hopefully being my first time I moved in to kiss her which was thankfully returned passionately. With that final barrier broken we kissed even more deeply and she

Gangbang at Ricks part 2

in lined can be hard work. eveyone busted out laughing watching me sandwitched 2 cocks doing my well streched ass real good, you could hear slapping n sucking sounds. Then Rick turned on some good fuck music, half hour later the music stoped you could hear me moaning and slap Tim spanking my butt cheeks red, Jim said I’m Cumming as Tim shot right

Alan Ch. 21

law school at Virginia, next month. You?’ ‘Oh, I just finished my freshman year. Columbia.’ The pair was impressed. ‘Are you backpacking this summer, too?’ Lisa asked, though she somehow doubted it. Alan was dressed too nicely to be someone living out of a rucksack. She admired the lines of his Italian suit while waiting for his answer. ‘I wish!


crawl week with a half-dozen of their friends.They would have to take a couple of taxis to the northwest part of the island to hit the big Paradise club at Paradise beach. Pax was always about sharing the wealth and the good times so she couldn't keep quiet about the villa that her parents had rented out for the two of them. The villa had four

Best Friends

sleeper">today was different than every other. She lay naked, her green-blue eyes shining in lust, her sandy blonde hair falling to her C-cup breasts which were heaving up and down. Her mouth in a perfect O-shape, her face contorted in pleasure. Her stomach taut as she tensed every muscle in her body as rode out her orgasm. Further down, she was impaled

Theater fun

down. He tells me to eat his ass. I can barely reach his ass with my tongue so I put both my hands under his ass and lift him. He grabs himself under his knees and pulls even further to give me better access and I bury my face in his ass and lick like it’s my last meal. I stick my tongue in as far as it would go and slurp at his honey hole. He is

Hot Summer Night

a thunderous orgasm, I felt his body tightening up, his cock was filling. "Don't cum inside me," I said. "Tell me when." About a minute later, he started to groan, I knew it was time. I quickly jumped off of him, back on my seat. Stroking with my left hand, I started furiously sucking again. Ronnie moaned, "I'm gonna cum." Boy, did he ever. He

CLUB SEX 3 – The 28yo

about 2 seconds just before Star was guided down onto it. You could see the toy spinning like crazy. The height of the horse had been lowered and her feet were now unshackled, she was able fuck herself now. She had totally given in to her lust; you could see the look on her face was very different.One if the girls who had been sucking on her

Heather's Dilemma

went to work on her, she realized the woman was also bound and gaged. Wanting desperately to please her Mistress, Heather worked her tongue slowly, teasingly into the unknown woman's pussy. As she did so, she thought the woman's moans to be more of complaints than pleasure. Maybe she had never had the pleasure of another woman performing

Sex for Beginners – Part Two (The Practice – Her)

to stay the following weekend this time on the Saturday. We took them out to a local pub for tea which helped us all to relax. Back home, we sat down together in the lounge. As we had agreed between us, Sylvie kicked off the conversation. “Look,” she said, “I know you two are close and that both of you would like the relationship to be even

Master and Mr Sybian

be.’ ‘Yes Sir,’ I said hanging my head. I wasn’t real pleased with this arrangement so far. But it was either become a submissive to this Master Thomas, or ask for my outright release. Neither prospect appealed to me. The first thing He did was have me stand in front of Him with my skirt raised for a pussy check, threatening to spank me if I

The First Time I Ate Sushi

loose-fitting jeans and boots and striped T-shirt (notwithstanding the firm nipples I see beneath it in the mirror now and then, and admire.) After all, not all of life is sexual, and perhaps I get too consumed with it when I indulge my fantasies. But that is what it was – a real-life, flesh and blood, honest to goodness fantasy-come-to-life. And

Victorious: Corrupting Cat part 1

made Jade growl and immediately shoved her hand into her best friends pyjama bottoms. Cat let out a high-pitched gasp and shut her eyes tight as she felt Jade touching her down there. Then, almost like she could sense she was being watched, Cat fluttered her eyes open and found herself staring up into Jades piercing blue-green eyes. Like most of

High School Beach Trip

my boyfriend. All the girls would have their boyfriends over to our house. The boys were staying in a beach house a few blocks away. We laid in the sun/played in the sand and swam during the day then cooked our meals at night. The boys would come over and we would play cards/games until the chaperons told them it was time to leave. We were

Swinging becomes her

at Grant, briefly releasing his cock. "I guarantee you will!" she said lasciviously and dropped her mouth back over his cock, closing her eyes and enjoying herself. Pretty soon she had Grant on the edge and broke away. Then it was Duke's turn and she unzipped him releasing his handsome strong cock that was as large as Grant's. Lori caressed

The World's First Futa 01 – Transformed into a Futa Chapter 2: Futa's First Taboo Menage

all shadow. He watched us, his hand stroking his dick. He witnessed his step-sister riding me, his girlfriend. I whimpered, staring back at him, wondering what he felt at this exact moment.It made him horny, clearly. But did it humiliate him? Did it make him feel emasculated? Did he hate me now?I whimpered and moaned, “Janice!” I gasped, wanting

Mom doiing anything for kids has a new meaning.

out to the kitchen as if I needed something, letting him see me. When I returned the soaked panties were back on top of the hamper. There was no doubt what I was going to do with them. I laid in bed pressing his cum up into my pussy wondering what it would be like to have his child. I fell asleep with my hand pressing into my thick pussy lips and


wrap around her. She had never felt what it was like to surrender. Molly’s eyes shot open again, and she let out a nervous giggle. She liked the sensation, but felt weird at the same time. She hopped out of the water, and dried her self off. She sat in the chair, and tried to calm herself down. She grabbed a book, and began reading to distract

Remembering old times (chapter 21)

and rented some porn.Allow me to bring you back to the begining since I have not been around for a while.Gaby and I had a very healthy, and loving, heterosexual marriage until one day that I asked Gaby to put on a strapon and fuck my ass. I had been masturbating myself, involving my prostate, for my sexual satisfaction. For a while now Gaby has

Two Worlds Collide (Part 1)

maybe another 2 parts, possibly more, I will see where it goes. Here is part 1, part 2 will follow up in the future. There really isn’t any sex in this installment, because I wanted to explain the story of the characters, and didn’t want to put everything into an insanely long story, so I decided to split it up. There was just something about

Token Honeymoon - episode 2

June's face went through an embarrassing series of grimaces."It's kind of my fault, I told him the wrong flight. He'll be meeting that plane in half an hour.""But y'all won't be on it.""No, I'll be here getting fucked by you." By now her bra had gone along with her skirt and she was working on his shirt."Wow, muscles. What else have you

My Submission

with raw desire.I can't keep quiet any longer. The feel of your fingers in my wetness takes my breath away. I gasp, and you smile at me deviously."You are always so ready for me baby, so fucking wet, I love how you respond to me." A groan, low in your throat, echoes deep in the marrow of my bones.You bring a wet finger to my lips and paint each

Seduction of Piper

she stood up and took Piper and bent her over to hold the bench. “Now back to what I really want honey.” She whispered to Piper. She gave the girl’s ass a playful slap and spread her hot ass cheeks. Piper moans like a sexy slut as Stephanie licks her hot ass. Her tongue starts at her swollen pussy lips and runs up to swirl around Piper’s hot

My Sister Was Hot!

against her leg.“Hey little brother! Don’t get carried away,” she said as she broke the hug and went to her room to unpack.I stood there frustrated and horny for my sister. I thought, “I have to somehow get into her pants in the next two weeks, or at least get a blowjob from her.” She’d had three boyfriends that I knew of, so I was sure she was

The curiousity

sit down next to him and put her arm around her and pulled her in close, making her feel secure and asked again, "Whats wrong Melissa?"Melissa silently started to shake as she laid out her story about how there was a boy at school that she liked, everyone thought he was cute and she had finally gotten the nerve to tell him that she liked him. He

First Time Meeting

And, of course, my imagination starts running wild. It doesn’t take long before my body responds. I silently laugh to myself because I’m already getting worked up and you’re aren’t even here yet. Fortunately, I don’t have to wait long. As you enter the door, your eyes quickly scan the shop, taking in the scene just as I did not too long ago. You

Introduced to a new friend

conversation. She looked up at me as we returned and gave me a little crooked smile, and I immediately knew she was interested in Jake.Jake asked if I minded him dancing with Sherry, and I said of course. As long as she is willing I have no objections. I watched as they danced and I could see she had him in a close hold on the dance floor. When

Cupid’s Revenge Pt. 01

long as I could keep my thoughts in the right place. I apologized to her, trying to explain that it wasn’t that I didn’t think she wasn’t capable, but I was just concerned about the areas of the city we would be in. After the Captain’s meeting, Charlie and I headed out to our unmarked vehicle. Funny they called it unmarked, but every scumbag in

Jessie Jessie Prescott gets drugged.

towards him. Come here Luke I want to give you what you’ve been after all this time. Stepping back Luke watched as she slowly disrobed kicking off her shoes and pulling her dress up over her head leaving her in her panties and bra. Jessie slid her panties down her legs and kicked them across the floor and reaching behind her unhooked her bra

measurring my cum Pt.1

he liked me to dress up for him in what you might call 'stimulating underwear' before we had sex." She paused for a moment letting what she had said sink in. "I did not mind doing that -- in fact I used to enjoy it, as long as it was done tastefully" she continued. "So what I am prepared to do is stimulate you by dressing up in some suitable

How I loved to be banged in public

through my body. My thong panties were now wrapped around my knees as Alex pulled out his cock out of his pants. He pushed it right up against my pussy and slid it into me. He now had me very horny as I slightly bent over as I held onto a clothes rack. I had hoped no one would see us as there were several women walking throughout the store.

Life has perks

was always wanting to hang out I don't think he understands that I go to school all week then work on shit Friday through Sunday. Slowly I walk up the stairs into my room laying in my bed just staring at the ceiling when my phone rang snapping me into reality it was already 6:18pm I looked at the caller ID it was minna I awnserd saying " hi " in

Nightclub Sex with Drugged Wife

past could see his larger two fingers going in and out of her pussy. Its amazing how many people were lingering around that table! The music suddenly went quieter and as I looked around, I realsed it was closing time. I got the feeling that we were welcome to stay a bit longer! When the crowds had gone there were the 6 of us and a few staff

The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 32

her ass crack up along her spine until he reached between her shoulder blades. Then he did the same back down. Drew could not resist the temptation any longer. With his other hand he gently brushed a finger along the slit of her pussy. "Mmmm, keep going," she moaned. Tess lifted her ass higher. Drew now tickled her clit as his back massage


No, I’m just kidding, baby, let’s not be hasty.” She rose partially, trying to reach for me before I pushed her back down. “You know what you have to do,” I said distractedly, too busy resuming my former position and rubbing the head of my cock against her swollen outer lips. Damn but I was already about to explode. The tip of my dick was

Nice Cleavage

her. Amanda walked in naked, Candice was holding the trench coat, and she said, “She is yours for a week. Enjoy her. I’ll be back next week to collect her.”She turned away but then she turned right back and said, “Come here. I want to kiss your virginity goodbye.”Amanda walked to the open door and stopped. Her nipples and toes were outside my

Fucking Cousins

take his hand. I slowly suck up and down each of his fingers to get the cum off. Then I get on my knees between his legs. I lick the cum off of his belly and chest. Slowly I make my way down his belly to his dick. I like him up and down and then take him in my mouth. He's grown hard again. I suck him for a long time. Until finally he tells me to

Visiting family

put on my bikini, grabbed a beer and headed out. After a few minutes of just soaking in the warm water, Todd came out to join me. As we talked and joked I couldn't help noticing how his eyes would travel to my chest. My brother was checking out my rack! I can't blame him though he is a guy and my top doesn't do much to cover my full c cups. But I

A Wish in Time

be a long time before I had what I wanted. I swallowed hard as I felt him rub himself against me teasing me before he took his pants off. He knew how wild it made me when I undressed before he had even started. “Good girl,” his voice rumbled softly. I heard his zipper, a welcome sound to my ears. I wanted him so badly now, “on your knees,” he

Daddy's Whore

move. All my naughty, dirty dreams were coming true. Every time I jacked off, I thought of Katie. It was nothing compared to seeing her pussy in front of my face. I breath in deep the smell of my daughters pussy. It smells almost sweet. I ache to taste it. Very, very slowly I start to lick her. I lick her entrance, taking my time to remember

A Lost Day Dream

that thick pole and rolling his balls between my fingers his breathing became a shallow panting. Still slowly stroking his shaft I moved my fingers under his balls and rubbed his perineum approaching his tight horny hole. Watching every reaction on his face I gently slid my finger right up his little ass hole knuckle deep and began tickling his

Savage Switch Stories - Parts 1-3

hotel bathroom, where a hot shower is running. It's so hot I'm already sweating, and she tells me to take off my clothes or else it will be all the worse; her tone makes me obey."You're filthy and hairy, so first I'm going to clean you up, and then teach you what true justice is." She handcuffs me to the shower curtain rod, and drenches me in (a

Never trust Aunt Angie part 1

your porn"This was the longest few seconds of my life, i regretted every life decision that led me to this moment, After the eternity that was 10 seconds she closed the door slowly and turned around"" She said carefully"So..." I was blowing it Shit, so what...what do i say to that"So i...i will-""You are just a kid aren't you? You were

An Office Affair

jets of semen squirt inside of her. It took a minute or so for the panting to subside before the couple was once again breathing normally. She could feel his member shrink inside of her and then slip out as he moved off, and then slipped behind her. She felt his cock gently rest on the cleft of her bottom as he pulled her tightly against him,

More than a Lodger…Part 11

asked. “Ummm…she…” Tom hesitated. “Tell me Thomas or you are in big trouble.” She commented. “She pulls on it faster…” he blurted out, “sometimes she kisses it too, she puts it in her mouth and sucks on it!” Tom could not believe he confessed that much to Laura. Laura let out a smile. “She sucks on it!…and that makes it go down!” she exclaimed.

My Life as a Wittol, Chapter Ten A

to CJ… wondering if I had become a willing cuckold. The decision was difficult but after a long day of teasing and orgasm denial, we decided to say goodbye to two very disappointed men.She hugged each man but Charles’s embrace seemed to last a bit longer than a casual hug. As we walked away she took me by my arm and leaned into me, smiling

What Sandy Was Not Told Ch. 03

we didn’t tell you that. We did it this morning. She was telling me about what they did when she came east. Well, I asked her, wondering about Pat and Trish and what she had said about helping each other. Hmm! They did. There were just three girls in the tent, and they did it in a triangle – no one left out. So then, when it seemed that you

The Heatwave - The Coach House

at the time and met Mum at a party at Stringfellows or somewhere. They were briefly a much-photographed couple, I believe, very popular with the tabloids. Drink?” She proffered a glass of wine from the bottle she had brought from the kitchen. “Thank you. So what happened?” “Oh, the usual I suppose. They had their fifteen minutes, media darlings

Nearly Twins - Part 3

been so good just before. Karen was behind her, pressing her body into Gerry’s, so that it was both of them fucking me, Karen’s hands teaching Gerry where and how to squeeze me. Then I felt Gerry start as she was sliding down, and an animal sound came from her throat. I became aware a second later that my cock was being squeezed even harder and

Unexpected Opportunity (Unexpected Bonus Pt. 2)

my shaven pussy as I thought about my evening with Gerald. It had been two weeks since we had our unexpected encounter. I constantly thought about seeing him again. He hadn’t come back the following day and I was beginning to think he was regretting what he had done. I didn’t completely blame him, I mean he did have a wife and kids. I’d better

Foster home 4 - Fun at the lake

anymore. He walked me back to where foster mom and Uncle Richard and Aunt Kitty were and Leslie followed a bit behind. He said nothing to her parents, until they noticed the redness on my face and when asked he just replied, “Just kids being kids.” We again went out on the boat again and it again was a lot of fun. We were all taking turns on

A good deal with my stepson

just stood there enjoying my hand on his crotch, and my lips on his lips. After a minute, I broke the kiss and got on my knees. Johnny stood there like a statue. I could see how confused and shocked he was. I smiled and slowly undid his pants. I pulled his pants down to his knees and noticed his hard cock in his white underwear. He moved his

Round Two With Dallas

outside Farrell Hall, studying for my upcoming Bio-Chem exam, when I noticed that someone had walked up to me. I looked up, and there was Dallas. He was wearing grey sweats and a black DC t-shirt that was snug around his muscles. He always looked so sexy and inviting. My heart began to race, it had been three long months since I had seen him.“Hey

The Sinn Girls: Chapter 9: The Sinn Bin

our Wonderland strategy; Pixie, bless her, nodded, but clearly knew as much about cricket as she did about men's cocks, which is to say next to nothing.But I am nothing if not persistent when it comes to metaphors, especially Australian sporting metaphors, and, at the risk of losing the Americans, the Canadians and the Pixieites, I will use them

Blind Lust

my undies were wet, and if he’d kept going I would have cum right there and then. I was more than throbbing now, aching, already imagining the feeling of his rock hard cock sliding its entire way into me. My fingers itched and finally I forced my hand out back to his covered penis and held it as tightly as possible, moving the cotton material of

Spa Treatments

sat there begging for attention. He moved to the head of the table where he could easily suck and pinch her fully erect nipples. They stood at attention as if begging for him to suck them and he happily obliged. Each time he gave a little pinch to her nipples, she ground her pussy a little harder onto Sarah’s face. Cindy held off as long as she

Amanda Starts The Threesome

over at Andy, I do believe his mouth was about to hit the floor.Andy stuttered, “I, I, WE had no idea!”Amanda chuckled, “No, no you wouldn’t have. I keep my private life pretty private, and I share things only with those I trust. This is why I’m willing to open up with both of you and let you into my world further.”“Wow!” I managed to utter in a

New Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 7 - Part 2 of 2 - Ron's Deception

and swayed them erotically as Ron gave them each a spank with his spare hand. Suddenly, Ron felt his body tighten as he felt waves of excitement and pleasure overcome his body.‘Ahhhhh.......ahhhh fuck, ahhhhh,’ moaned Ron as cum started to spurt from his cock erratically. Strands of cum landed on the two girl’s asses as Ron, his legs wide apart

A Beautiful Wish Chp. 1: Waking from Reality

of the ceiling fan in his room spinning slowly overhead.  Its hypnotic circles threatened to put him to sleep again.  He turned to the alarm clock next to the bed, it read just past 1:00 am.  He turned back to the ceiling fan and let out another deep breath as he rubbed his face, immediately grimacing in pain as he remembered his black eye.He

Visiting the Lake

A few words of explanation, I grew up within walking distance of one of the Great Lakes. I love the Lake in all its moods, from calm, quiet lady to furious angry tiger, and everything in between. The following is from my imagination pulling on memories of storms I have watched. If the storms aren’t like that on the Lake you know, visit another,

White-hot Christmas - Ch. 2

said Bianca as she tucked a couple more strands of hair off Daniela's face and behind her ear. Daniela nodded, still a bit embarrassed. Eventually she pulled herself up from Bianca's bed and then pulled her pants up. Bianca herself started to pick clothes out of her drawers to get dressed up for lunch. Meanwhile Daniela had put her shirt back on

The Hot Gymnast Ch. 01

slipped lower along the crack of her ass, sliding it down over her virgin slit. I could feel the softness of her pussy lips and knew right away that she had practically no pubic hair, just a little soft fur to tickle my fingers. I gently wiggled my finger back and forth over the folds of soft flesh, moving the thicker outer lips of her cunt back

My Heart Belongs to the Sea

Isabelle wept, ‘I’ll do whatever you want! I love him so much, I couldn’t stand to lose him!’ A smile split the mermaid’s face, as she faced her human audience, propping herself up with both hands as she craned her neck up to look at Isabelle with piercing eyes. ‘I’ve never seen your world, Isabelle. For hundreds of years I’ve watched and


I softly pinched her nipple. My left hand just reached up and grabbed her right tit. I started to play with them, mashing and pulling on them. I would release them and watch them bounce. I pulled on her nipple and she cried out ouch. Not even thinking about it, I bent over and kissed her nipple. She inhaled sharply but said nothing. I

Don’t Speak to Me of Desire

as you know your own heart is beating because you are alive, that you will never know the touch of that person. Not even so much as a playful slap on the rear or a handshake? How many? I possess such knowledge. I know that I will never rise with the morning sun and be greeted by that face. Don’t speak to me of desire. Yet there are those who see

Worthy of an Oscar!

trousers and shoes. Helen stood up as well and started to pull her top up but Leon grabbed her hands and took over. He wanted to strip her himself and it was all Jamie could do to watch as he divested his wife of her top, bra, skirt and thong. For a moment they stood by the side of the bed and kissed again, his hands running down the side of her

Monster Part 1

removed the pins . The ogre then commanded me to open my legs. I did and my private was bright red. Blood was dripping from it as well as my nipples. "Yes........master...."Chapter 3: SubmissionThe gnomes proceeded to lick the blood. They then licked my private. I moaned, What...what is this feeling? Three more gnomes arrived. One pressed my

Missing You

into my wet pussy and drag the moisture up to where I need it. My index finger slides across the smooth surface of my swollen bud. Oh, there! Right there! That’s where it feels best. I make myself slow down and savor the sensation. I don’t want it to end too quickly. I vary my rhythm to build myself up only to make myself wait. Sometimes if I

Concert Pick-up

in jeans and a t-shirt heading to get another beer at a small outdoor music festival in a small rural town. The crowd is good but not overwhelming. As you near the beer stand your eyes immediately catch a long, dark haired beauty. Her jeans perfectly snug on her athletic yet thin body. Her tank top is equally snug and is just short enough that

It was the Beginning of Summer

in the bowl and none in the bag to re-pack it with. When the bong had completely burned out, Dana Lee stood to her full 5′ 10′ and walked the bong back into her house so she could sneak it back into her brother’s room before he woke up. Amy watched Alyson admire Dana Lee’s slim, firm ass as she walked to the house. She smiled. Alyson was so

Just Another Day

down my hard cock. It felt wonderful. As she leaned back down to kiss me, her pussy changed position and I slipped inside her. She groaned as our lips met.We made love right there on my couch. It was fabulous. Her pussy was so hot, so tight as she squeezed my cock. We groaned and moaned into each other's mouths as we kissed. She even knocked my

The Whyte Butterfly Ch. 01

can’t get anywhere else! I guarantee results!’ The old woman said in an offended tone of voice before she took a brief moment to calm down. ‘I did not bring you here! If you are here it is because the spirits want you to learn something, not I!’ she added in a less offended tone of voice. ‘Okay then, what to the ‘spirits’ want me to learn?’

The Adventures of Abigail Pt. 08

is included is a lot of bisexual FF — a little MM, MF. There is punishment, spanking, exhibitionism, wrestling, groups and a little incest. It is primarily a fantasy. Do not try this at home — and always be safe. Also, all of the characters are all over 18 and everything is completely consensual. This story is long and I will post more and more

Dave and Sugar Ch 3

a long distance from me. Right now, he’s in another state on business. On this particular night, he called me, and this is how we satisfied our hunger for each other. Its 9:40pm at night and I am lying on my bed reading a magazine. The phone rings and for a brief moment I wonder who would be calling me this late at night. I pick it up and say,

A Christmas Party Tale

rather loud, and this woman stuck her head in the door to see what was happening. ‘Are you alright Santa, you sound a little stressed?’ I apologized for being so verbal and told her of my problems. She volunteered to help and together we finally got my costume on. I turned to her and joked, ‘You are a very good little girl for helping Santa,

Captain Cotton Top Ch. 01

jet. That earlier mistake of identity was embarrassing, as was refusing the advice he’d been offered when entering this Mexican wilderness. Coming into the Sea of Cortez for the first time, his boat’s keel skimmed the entrance shoal leading into the bay of la Paz. With the out-going tide ripping through the narrows, he’d cut it close, a chance

Confessions of a housewife - Chapter One

dress, silk stockings underneath and my nice red heels. My light hair would be piled on top of my head, in a messy but controlled fashion that would look as if I had spent ten minutes on my hair when really it would have taken an hour or so. Everything about my outfit would scream "I need to fuck." I would find a good looking gent at the bar,

Wash Day Fun

could do it anywhere when Dad isn't around. I know he's not the perfect husband by any means, in fact, he can be totally uncaring. That was the problem he and my birth mother had all the time they were married."'Yes, well you're right about that, he's all about work and things pertaining to work. It leaves me out in the cold if you know what I

The Knight and the Acolyte Book 5, Chapter 6: Catgirl's Claws

her magic will be...powerful. Faoril could handle her, but she'll be at the feast being held tomorrow night while we're breaking in.”Xera's ears curled. “Hidden runes. You did not spot them?”“My eyes are good but,” I grinned, “it's good you'll be with me. Your eyes are keener, elf.”“They are.” Xera frowned, then suddenly turned her head to the

Lust Crazed Fools ~~ Part 2

while chatting and sharing a large spread of fajitas. They finished up and walked hand in hand to his truck. Nikki was caught off guard when he opened the door for her. Chivalry wasn't lost on her, she loved such a gesture. She just had grown unaccustomed to such niceties. Their out in the open outing ended back at the hotel bar. They had a few

New Beginnings - Pt 1 Ch 2

She was pinned between them both and couldn’t move. She couldn’t even twitch. Her dad’s cock in her ass and that giant cock in her pussy were holding the entire weight of her body.“Oooooohhrrr!” she cried, her body trembling at the wonderfully incredible pressure she felt down there.She started to come again, holding on with her arms around her

Dear Johnny

intoxicating fragrance caused lightheadedness, and I became jealous at the thought that he may have seduced his wife here, in this mini Eden. He took my arm and led me to the lawn swing but before I could sit down he pulled me to him gazing deep into my eyes. His eyes were as deep dark chocolate, hypnotizing. I wondered if they could read my

Forbidden Furry Love Part 4

bigger inside me! I smiled to myself as I began to thrust up as Caity slid down causing my cock to go balls deep, Caity to moan louder and the water to slosh even more. Caitys upper body relaxed a little bit and as I went to grab her tits I heard Caity moan Oh fuck yes Danny. Fucking pound my pussy!. I grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples,

The Neapolitan

of Columbus, Georgia. The top was down on the little convertible sports car as he felt the wind blowing freely through his long hair. He was hyped with eager anticipation about the mischievous adventures ahead of him. He sat low in the seat, his left arm resting on the top edge of the door, while his left hand rode the wind. His right hand firmly

Leaving Home

so clarification. It’s kinda like saying that the steps we take cannot be retraced without changing the footprints we leave behind, no matter how carefully we tread. In other words, look to your past and let your morals and values guide you in your decisions. For instance, say you got a job offer from a competitor to the firm you’re with now.

First Meeting

legs and stroking her clit and his balls. She feels his balls tighten and knows he is about to cum. She sticks a finger inside herself and cums as he shoots his load deep into her ass. They both enjoy the moment and he slides out her. They lie together, bodies pressed together, kissing, and caressing until they fall asleep in each others

Moving house

cock and begin to masturbate."Not yet. I want you to save all your spunk for me."You reach in the drawer and pull out a big vibrator. You switch it on and slowly circle your clitoris. When you can take no more you begin to thrust the vibrator in and out. Moaning loudly you begin to tweak your nipples. I can take no more so I undress and move onto

Night's Gone Wild Bitch

I slipped off my silk teddy . Then my thong . I stared at myself in the mirror . I played with my boobs for a couple of seconds. I jumped into my bath tub and turned on the water to warm . I Put bubbles in the tub and played with them. I shampoo'd and conditioned. I dried my self with a thin towel. I took the same towel and wrapped it around my

18 Year Old Michael Experiences First Time With My Wife

older than him, but that didn’t stop him from checking her out. I caught him over the past year a few different times spying on her as she lay out by the pool sunbathing. He would come out of the house at times shirtless hoping that my wife would get a glimpse of his young body. He would do everything possible to get her attention before suddenly

Her Weekend Part 1

After you bring me to orgasm with that wonderful tongue of yours, then we will take them off. Now go get me a drink and meet me on the bed.” I knew she had drank a lot tonight because I was the one bringing them. Unfortunately that meant it might take her awhile to cum. I just wanted some relief for my nipples. I proceeded to start licking

This One Time.... At Band Camp

to make my man feel good.” She began stroking my cock with her hand, and she bent down, and placed her mouth just an inch from the tip of my cock. “Go ahead honey” I said. “Its not going to hurt you.” She quickly took my cock in her mouth, and gave me a blowjob. I came within just a few minutes and she swallowed every last bit of my cum and

Helping a masseuse, teach massage

rubbing her pussy with it. She was soaking wet and rocked back and forth. I could feel her juices running down my shaft. She slowly lowered herself on to my cock She rode me for all she was worth. She was moaning out that it had been a very long time since she had a hard young cock inside of her. Jennifer was behind her squeezing her

Fucking With Danger (Chapter I)

I quickly got naked and pushed her against the shower wall before she could stop me, grinding my erection against her. “Do you want your big step-brother’s big, hard cock to slide in and out of your virgin pussy, making you feel good?” I put the head of my cock against her clit, and started moving it in circles, her moaning only grew louder.

Red Rock Canyon Day 02

and a bit to the northwest the to lawyers, Chad and Rex boiled up some fresh oatmeal and topped it all off with some strawberry jam. Stomped out their fire pit and used water from their canteen to make sure it was out. Then they rolled up their sleeping bags—grabbed their sacks and headed up and to the northeast from the center area of the park.

The Spice of Life, Chapter 1

slut. You will swallow it all too - don't you waste a drop or there will be hell to pay!" she hissed in Nikki's ear. Nikki moaned at her words and sucked all the harder.Laura watched closely as his cock stiffened, the veins protruding slightly, then it pulsated and he growled loudly as he released his load into her throat. She pushed Nikki's head

The process of taking someone through the 12 steps

this statement to some of us: What you say about the general hopelessness of the average alcoholic’s plight is, in my opinion, correct. As to two of you men, whose stories I have heard, there is no doubt in my mind that you were 100% hopeless, apart from divine help. Had you offered yourselves as patients at this hospital, I would not have

Retired - Chapter Eight – Duke

see how it is. You just want me for my title.”“Yes, I want the title, ‘Mrs. Daemon’.”I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the bed. My kisses to her neck and shoulder became very serious as we walked. By the time we were at the bed, she had pulled my robe off my shoulders and let it fall behind me.I stood her at the side of the bed and

Colonizing Andromeda - part one

would pollinate the crops, though there were contingency plans if they did not. Additional research would be conducted to determine if they could be safely released in the future, or if there even was a need to.The time had finally come to awaken the children, and a date was set to begin the process. In the days leading up to that day, the


out of me and got down off the table, leaving me bare assed and full of cum on the table.And what do you have to say for yourself – and cover that thing up – it’s disgusting.He said I am sorry - we were making love. DO YOU KNOW HOW OLD SHE IS – Yes 16. And there is nobody in the world that makes love like her. She is far beyond her age as far

Daddy's Tool Shed Heaven

something. I think daddy was lonely and I didn’t want him to be. I held out my arms for more hugging. He stood up and had to adjust his jeans. Oh my god, he had a big lump in his jeans. Did I cause him to get an erection?…I hoped so. Seeing that made me feel sexier still. He came over so I could hug him. I scooted to the edge of my chair. His

Daughter's Slut Training 4: Daughter's Anal Training

cocks! Let me be such a good mother.”“The best mother!” grunted Faizel, slamming his cock into my writhing asshole.“Uh-huh,” moaned Jalal, his dick plunging into my spasming cunt. “Mom, love you!”“Love both my big, strong sons!” I howled, my orgasm intensifying.Waves of rapture washed through my body, flowing out of my pussy. They reached my

Wife Loves Big Strange Cock

and her mascara had run a bit. With that and the sexy outfit she had on, she looked the perfect slut. He pushed her up onto the bed. He positioned her on her tummy with her knees on the floor; her ass was available to us now. “Do you like it in the ass, whore?” he asked her. “Yes, please, I’ve never had a cock as big as yours in there and I’d


at her sides. Preoccupying myself with kissing the soft skin around her chin, I waited for the intrusion of Emma's dildo. Once the fabric of my thong was moved aside, I soon felt the cool rubber phallus against my clitoris as she rubbed it gently along my flesh.I moaned and begged for her to continue as I clawed her back with my fingers. I felt

Marina's Transformation

down around my ankles. My throbbing cock inches from her wet hot mouth as she did. She leans back on her haunches and lets her hands slowly ascend the length of my legs. Passing my knees, she slides her fingers between my thighs and gently spreads them. My glorious scrotum and balls came under her intense stare, soon to be under her gentle touch

Flight to Sanity

to hush him. ‘It’s OK, Richard. It happened, but I know that neither of us meant for it to go so far,’ she said. ‘Thanks, Rach. I don’t want something like this to ruin our friendship. Can we get by this?’ he pleaded. ‘It was both of our faults, Richard, so yes, we’ll just forget that it ever happened,’ she finished, turning and waving to him as

Davids torment continues

orgasm. His hands were tied so he couldn’t do his normal iron-fist routine on his cock as he spurted. It felt like he was drowning and gulping air at the same time. It was such a pleasurable torment watching his sexy wife, legs spread wide, taking a young, big, hard cock deep inside her married, unfaithful pussy. He fucking hated it. He fucking

Doing It for Real

throes of spectacular sex. The smell of sex dominated the air and served to heighten the excitement of the moment. It all grew more and more heated until with a scream, Marsha came. Her orgasm triggered off Vid’s orgasm and his wild tongue set off Pat’s orgasm and that send Ron over the edge. Their orgasms exploded one after the other like some

Her first gangbang

my pussy and a bottle in my ass. Then the bottle was removed and I saw a guy stick I 40 oz beer bottle in my dripping pussy. Then he stuck his own cock in my ass and as he fucked me his pelvis pushed the bottle in. just then both guys who where jacking off came all over my face and breasts. And 2 more replaced them. While one guy came up to fuck

The Halloween Party

her that I was planning to go over to my fraternity house for the Halloween party there. Brittany then asked, “What costume have you come up with for Halloween?” I responded, “I haven’t come up with anything yet, but I will be at the party.”Brittany then informed me, “Jennifer, Renee and I are going to a huge Halloween Keg Party dressed as Gothic


“What was it you said, Malfoy? The Ministry’s growing concerned about that tottering old fool of a Headmaster. Dumbledore’s not running Hogwarts and Lupin has his own plans filled with hate for those that killed Sirius.” Harry clenched his fists and kicked over a chair; he could feel the anger roiling inside him again. “Me, they put a hex on so

Guide week Part 2

spent and his foot still paining, he signalled to the girls they may dress. Julie and Milly however had other plans as they each in turn licked and swallowed the sticky from each other’s bodies. Richard lay back in the armchair watching in fascination.When they had completed cleaning each other, they finally did dress as Richard counted the money

What Happened in Vegas...Part 4

rising in pitch. I could feel her reaching her climax again and as she cried out with a “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!,” my orgasm struck with a fury and my balls erupted into her. The force of my ejaculation was so great I could feel splash-back inside of her. The pulsing of my cock inside her kept her at the pinnacle of her orgasm. The spasms of her

The Teacher Learns A Lesson, Chapter 3

come in, Erica’s in the kitchen,’ and I follow this tall, willowy blond inside to the delicious-smelling kitchen. ‘Oh, Adam, good, you’ve met Susanne…this is Sharon Willoughby, and this is Heather Knowles. Oh, and flowers, how sweet,’ and she came over and gave me a big, warm kiss. ‘I love your apron, Erica,’ I commented. The apron was a

A old evil awakens . part 4

say I a command to you now take of your shirt " he says as the ring starts again making her stand still and take of her shirt exposing her nice soft tits .He stood there and admired them "beautiful you should be proud of them " he asked and Melissa giggled and smiled at him " thank you " she says softly " now everytime you are alone with me you

Quartet: Julie Ch. 02

If Julie wouldn’t or couldn’t get control, then she would. ‘Good. We don’t have a lot of time this afternoon. I’ve got a date with Roger for a play and a late supper.’ she said. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll be staying at his place tonight, so you won’t have any ‘noises’ to disturb you.’ she continued with a wry smile. ‘I’ll leave you something for dinner,

Paint me a picture

I hate that no one else wants me here. I hate myself for feeling so depressed.Suddenly, I feel a snicker behind me. It comes from Jason, an RB of the football team. I can feel the eyes of more than one person burning into me and the laughter grows. I feel the humiliation rise within me. I haven’t any idea what they have done this time, but I

Finding Something in the Woods

Callum, I’m sure you can think of a way to make sure I don’t tell your jock buddies about your little fantasy, won’t you?” Callum nodded while staring at his feet with his proverbial tail between his legs. As Mark walked out of the thicket Stacey ran over to him, tits almost spilling over the top of her dress, and whispered into Marks ear “I

Don't Forget to Lock the Door

in the kitchen? She couldn't remember even going into the kitchen! She unsteadily made her way there to switch it off, she could do with a coffee ...The sight of a tall young man stood at the worktop spooning coffee into two mugs made her freeze with shock! She didn't remember coming home with anyone. She didn't recognize him. Yet he

The Halloween Party Part 1

with a smile and sits down."Not in the mood Connor," she says rudely. Connor, not expecting this response sits there in silence.An idea sparked to Graces mind, who by now is blowed drunk, "Hey Connor," she says."Ya," he says immediately like a excited puppy."Your Grant's friend right." "Ya"Grace smiles, "Wanna go look at something with me

The Break

‘That’s where I’ve seen her, wonder why she didn’t mention that meeting,’ he mussed. The meeting had been brief, perhaps she didn’t remember. But she had said, “you work at the hardware store.” ‘She must have remembered.’ David had become the receiver shortly after he went to work for Mr. Jenkins. His duties included unloading the trucks,

The Color of Hunger

down and lightly, barely touching her at all, ran the side of his index finger over her forehead and underneath the few strands of lost dark hair that hung over her face, sweeping them to the other side of her head and watched them fall lazily to the side she was laying on. She didn’t stir in the least, so he unraveled the balled up washcloth

Father and daughter chapter 2

tone Taylor does as she’s told… and just waits for the stranger to finish. Feeling Taylor, submit to him the stranger takes his dick out of her pussy and jams it into Taylor’s ass. Taylor lets out a cry and whimpers at the intrusion, and after a few thrusts the stranger comes deep and long. He relaxes for a second pulls out of Taylor’s ass, then

Piano Man

her mom had started teaching her. Her fingers remembered. She made mistakes, but after half an hour she could feel she was improving. That night she didn’t say anything about Josh’s birthday or the piano while Josh was awake. After he was asleep she sat beside Brad and said, ‘I have an idea. Hear me out?’ ‘Sure.’ He faced her, making sure she

The New Neighbor

home in two hours. She wouldn’t be able to come back to town for another week. She begged him to allow her to take a look. She loved the place and rented it. Paid the deposit and the rent right then. A week after we had moved in on Saturday, my son had gone over to a friends house to hang out. I heard some noises coming from upstairs. I assumed

Misty McCoy and a Matter of Time

that made her look positively matronly. She fit into the mature lifestyle like it was just for her and hid her youthful looks under a layered look that hid her beautiful breasts and her glorious backside that needed male attention constantly in order to bloom brightly with seductive magnetism.My first thought was filled with skepticism about her

Keeping it in the Family

grown up in northeast Alabama. My uncle was my father’s younger brother. That would put his age at about 39 and my father at 43. They had a son but I couldn’t remember just how old he would be, all I remembered was that he was quite a bit younger than I was. I didn’t know if I would be able to take life on the farm after spending the last five

The Christmas Party

she represents as a manufacturers rep. There were a couple of twenty something girls in the company’s office that I wouldn’t mind getting up close and personal with, so this was a perfect opportunity. ‘What did you do to yourself?’ I asked, not really caring what she had done, just extremely pleased with the results. ‘All of the girls that I

Bathtime with Daddy~ (Part 1)

Taking care of my angel was far more important to me than paper documents or work. Since my wifes passing, I became a tragic wreck. I was forced out of my old job, because I couldnt show up to work from being so brought down and depressed. I stopped eating, stopped doing really anything until my daughter came back from her grandparents house one

Living with daddy Part VII

so it would be about ten minutes, but he would be in with us shortly. We nodded our heads at her and she left the room. “I am sort of nervous,” I said walking over to daddy who was sitting in the chair and sitting on his lap for a moment. I rest my head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arms around me. “There is nothing to be nervous about,” he

Hot time, summer in the city

in her ass. Ask had started fucking her. It was so intense a feeling. Working her hand back and forth at the same time she fell into a rhythm pushing Embla over the brink. Embla screamed and the pussy contracted hard around her hand, almost crushing it. It just continued with the spasms. She felt it bubble up within herself and she grunted as she

Night Time PlayTime

deeply. You stop and move around, "Doggystyle," you whisper. You line cock up and then push in slowly at first then as you slide in and pull back a few times you start speeding up. The sound of you cock slipping in and your balls slapping intomy ass make me so wet. "Please," I start begging, "Please don't stop, mmmm you make me so wet. " You

Part 45 of the Adventures of John and Holly: Return To LA

pouring rain. Since the game was far enough along they declared the Mongrels the winners, ending the tournament early. The team immediately retreated to the locker room to shower, and Holly and I had to go inside to get out of the rain. We got inside the high school and wandered the halls waiting for Lindsey to finish. Then Holly’s cell phone

A Damaged Teen Slut (Ch.5)

touches his hand, puts her hand on his leg. "You're so smart, Jason." Emmy says softly, smiling up at him and tilting her head. They've just finished the project. "Uh, thanks." He responds bashfully. Emmy stands up. "So, we're done?""Uh, yeah..." He says as he quickly ponders the idea of showing her something. "Before we go, d-do you wanna see

I Want You To…

worked in the city and hardly saw each other.   Kira and Colin worked locally and they did see each other.   They also noticed each other. Kira thought he was cute but he never looked very “available” to her.   When she first noticed him he had a girlfriend with him all the time, but recently she hadn’t seen her with him.   Colin was tall, had

A Means to an End

contract at that. But then… I had to leave. I had to come back here.”“What for?” Jaime prodded, sensing him trying to open up.“Because… Mom got sick.”Jaime’s eyebrows rose at this. “What kind of sick?”“Ovarian cancer; very advanced. There weren’t any symptoms to pick up on for such a long time that by the time the doctors detected it… it was

The Widow Ch. 09

where he’d be, then turned onto the road that led to the lake. Joanne was making lunch when she heard a vehicle pull up outside the house. She looked out the window and saw what looked like some kind of fire apparatus and wondered who it was and why the fire department was stopping at Fran’s house. She was startled when the door opened and Larry

Sharing Our Thing

go to her breasts once more. She would fondle one after the other before returning to her juicy slit to continue her self-play. I was so damned close. I needed to get my relief. It was time. She'd had enough naughty behavior for tonight. I reached down and pulled my shorts up and over my still twitching prick. Walking to the front of the town


her with my fingers. “Come on show me how much you squirt.” This was all she needed, she grabbed my wrist, screamed into my shoulder and suddenly my hand was soaked in cum. She was shaking, but I pulled her jeans and knickers down and buried my head in her sodden cunt. “Again I ordered, cum again on my mouth.” I licked and nibbled and sucked on

Tender Love II

pussy lips part somewhat and his cock was in her about an inch. She felt pressure and some pain. Her cousin drew back some and thrust forward violently. Pain shot through her and tears came to her eyes. She wanted to call him by name and tell him to be gentle but changed her mind as fast as she had thought it. She felt herself giving into his

Together with Angela Pt3

my sister's hand and walked in the house. "Go wash up. We're having pizza for supper," Aunt Millie said with a smile. For a moment I thought perhaps she hadn't seen what Angela and I were doing. But, of course she did. She told us to get dressed and come home. We went to wash up. The pizza was good, but the conversation was not. In fact, there

smokeSCREEN : book6.0

to smile. Today, I have a knife. * * * * * * // boom / here comes the // boom / ready or not / here comes the boys from the south // boom / here comes the // boom / ready or not / how you like me now? / is that all you got? / i’ll take your best shot * * * * * * The last time I was outdoors, the snow had been around for a while. Now it’s

Southbound Ch. 11-12

wet. I would have fucked you in front of them if you had asked. I had to have you. I wasn’t going to be patient or cute or subtle or any of those nicey, nicey things little girls do. I set out to attract you to me and I set out to seduce you and when I did, well … I was going to fuck you into submission. I was going to make you love me because

Lonely Dad Part 2

"Come,” I escorted her to the bathroom."Oh daddy," she whispered. "You're so fucking amazing,""Take off your t-shirt," I took the dildos from her and set them beside the tub. She quickly ripped off her t-shirt and tied her hair in a bun. I held her hand as she entered the tub. I followed her and sat behind her. She leaned back onto my chest."This

Just Let Me Watch

his eyes widening. "What?" He almost yelled, defensive.       "Because I'd let you fuck her if you wanted . . ." I shot a glance his way. Chase was frozen, his mouth slightly agape, as if his brain couldn't quite register my words, handle their weight.       "Wow, Andro, this . . . wow," Chase stammered, shaking his head. "Are you serious? I

A slave in the making...

climbs on her knees and waits to be fastened into position. As her master fastens her bonds she feels a slight wetness forming in the crease of her legs. Fastened in doggy style, her master walks around to examine a job well done. He teases her as he walks around the board and ever so lightly stroking his fingers against the lips of his slave’s

Virginity of a vampire (Part 2)

Before settling down he looked round and noticed the garden was full of grotesque ornamental gargoyles, which made the hairs on his neck stand on end. After a while he started to get a bit bored as nothing was happening but just as he was about to doze off he heard a loud creak and chains rattling. Daniel froze, he was scared but alert. As he

The Poet

she tried to find an ending, and then a triumphant smile burst across her face and she wrote the last line and slapped the notebook closed. ‘Good one?’ I asked. ‘Oh yes,’ she said. Her voice was like flowers, her voice was like a warm breeze, her voice was like the moon. There was nothing like her voice. She stood up and looked at me, and cocked

Cadillac Mountain

think there’s room right there….’ I look back and see a young couple three feet from us and eyeing the rock to our left. ‘Mind if we sit there?’ the boy asks. ‘No, not at all, be our guest.’ My fingers plunge into you as I reply to him. I feel you tense. My thumb presses against your clit as my fingers soak themselves in your wet furrow. You

Friday Night Fireworks

incredible sights I have ever seen. Three beautiful mature women eating each other and wiggling around. Sonya and Beth both came with loud and powerful orgasms and then were just laying there and Libby said would you like to fuck me until I cum and I said yes I would and she said if you cum first you will have to eat my cream pie pussy until I

Late Night Doctor

‘Want some lube?’ ‘Yeah, I guess.’ I grabbed a glove and some lube. Careful not to reveal my ‘hardon’, I pulled the covers over and got between his legs and took his underware off. ‘Your cock is so sexy when it’s soft. Let me make him big’, I said as I circled his asshole with my lubed up glove. As I eased one finger in, I slipped his cock in my

Czech Adventure

“Please, leave. I want some privacy.”“You are being shown all over the world.”“You‘re not a subscriber, and you’ve already had two free shows. Go answer the clue. Outside.” There was a levity to her voice; the photographers and cameramen sniggered as I begrudgingly left the tent.I stared at the screen:Coitus ApparatusCoitus, the Latin word for


more subdued, walking awkwardly, his tone reticent, unsure how to tell Claire he wanted her to spank him. Claire knew Todd was holding back, was reserved, reckoned he was unsure how to deal with her, and resolved to spank Todd next time they met up. Back at Claire’s house she asked, “Coming in?” Todd heard Claire’s Mum was home and feeling very

Dirrty Little Secret

unique, and priceless mold that is rare as the Lou Gehrig disease. The follicles of tiny peach fuse like hair across her the body, is like the ‘Snuggle’ of softness sensation as your hand glides through hair, around head, shoulders, and small of the back. Not forgetting the collar, ribs, abdomen, pelvis, thighs, calves, buttocks, spine and lastly

My Cabin of Solace-Part3

off. It didn't. Maple began to moan louder. Red went to the pile of clothes to find Maple's underwear which she brought back to the bed. She kissed Maple deep using her tongue, to which Maple returned the passionate kiss. I reached down to flick the paperclip. When I did, Maple jerked and opened her mouth to say something, but Red stuffed the

The Curator Ch. 13

effect? What the are they talking about? Sue’s mind raced–another puzzle. Still, the pain was doing something to her. It was clearing her mind a little. Something extra was happening that she didn’t understand. What had happened to Bill? Did she do it somehow? It didn’t matter. She decided to stay with the course of action, to continue to trust

My Vanilla Mistress

with this type of thing.    She was a quick learner, I thought, and really seemed to be getting into this.   I had originally thought that she was doing this just to please me but, now, she seemed to be enjoying herself too.     She then attached some type of cuff to each ankle and I felt my legs being pulled apart.   Just when I thought that she

The Master Files, Part 1

his tongue across her wet lips. He groaned loudly then buried his tongue deeper into Amanda’s folds. She gasped in pleasure as she felt his tongue expertly tease and taunt her aching and swollen pussy. “Mmmmmm…You taste so sweet, Amanda,” he moaned. He circled her clit with his tongue then sucked and nibbled on it. Her hips bucked wildly against

Wait For It

good bye and asked them to ask my son’s to forgive me please and asked for theirs too. They both gave me theirs and I hung up the phone. I am sitting in front of a big picture window while typing this on my laptop. The curtains are open to the daylight and I am facing the window. I am making the head shot that is coming an easy one. As I sit here

Happy Finish xxx

next to me must have been getting a good massage as his moaning intensified, from soft and slow to louder and faster and an eventual Arghhh!Fen had moved around to the head of the table. Sorry let me describe her. She was Indo Asian with a teak/brown skin, beautiful long black/indigo hair typical of Asian women, about 5 foot 5 inches tall with a

Scotch and Soda

in the next room. It was Monday and she was finishing up the payroll. I was at my desk signing checks, paying for the booze I sold in my bar, and paying for a bunch of other things that make it more profitable to work for someone else. I called my place ‘Casablanca’ and sometimes even thought of myself as ‘Rick’, the bar owner played by Humphrey

Sarah Is Humiliated By Megan

target Dillon because he was her step-sisters’ son and Michelle had always been so horrid to her. She loved his huge penis but then she liked men's penis's and women's vaginas equally as well as being humiliated by strong-willed women. She even reckoned that she fancied Megan because she was so much like Michelle. Mind you unlike Michelle Sarah

Busted With My Online Porn 4

that seemed true, I was more confused than ever. I hadn’t done anything sexual with another woman in over thirty years and the first one I did it with was completely unlikely. Truthfully, I was so excited anyway that I didn’t even think about what I was doing, I just did it! Hell, my wife had conspired to make it happen!I opened my account, and

Enslaving Lena

as much as you were last night!’ The two men laughed. Something about that laugh, preceded as it was by their semi audible words really got to Lena. They were laughing together now. They stood there laughing. In overwhelming desperation she crawled on all fours between them. Consumed in her heat she didn’t know which way to turn. Her throat

Editing Reailty Book 2, Chapter 16: Broken Rules

shuddered, shaking my head, confused why we were here and...Seth's girls never attacked. We had no reason to be in the escape tunnel. I smiled. This reality would be so different than I remembered. Tonya would never have started dating Seth. Becky would never have the temptation to cheat on me while Sam would never have her faith in her love for

Rogues Story - Part Two - Captivated

around her wrists as they begin to kiss with still more passion. Suddenly an image of her husband’s smiling face comes into her mind and she stops pulling her head to the side. “No!” she rasps, “I can’t do this.” “Tell me he makes you feel like this?” he softly questions “I’ve wanted you from the very first moment I laid my eyes on you in that

Chosen Ch. 04

working in the back. And you’re not shipping on Navy business, so the usual laws apply.’ He lifted the bell to take a closer look, and to my horror the paper I’d wadded into it fell out. ‘What the hell, lad, you stole a church bell?’ Before I could stop him, he rang it. I snatched it out of his hand, but he continued to stare atit, silently.

The Second Foundation Pt. 05

swayed together to the music. Cornelia laid her head on his chest and stroked his shoulders, She felt so good and appreciated. She started swinging her hips, rubbing them lightly against his. She almost gasped as she felt a nice, warm, fleshly bundle between his legs. She started stroking his arms and liked the nice, thick muscles. She felt his

No Resolutions, Just Fun

this beautiful fourteen room house. The house actually has five bedrooms and four bathrooms. It has two fireplaces, a three car garage and a swimming pool in the back yard. It’s on a large lot at the end of a quiet, little street. There are woods behind it, and to the left of it, and another large house to the right, quite a distance away.

I Knew I Was A Sissy (part V)

off, turned me around and moved my head down close to it. He came inside my mouth. I went back home confused and happy. I decided to delete any bad memory and stick to the happy ones. The next day I visited a bookstore and bought a book with instructions about make-up. I also visited a sex shop and got my first dildo. You can easily understand

What mom didn’t know

eternally grateful. She also said she was off tomorrow and Wednesday and asked if she could hang out with me because she really didn’t have anything to do. Being that we got along ok and I did owe her one, I welcomed her to come over. I told her there wasn’t that much on tv in the day time and I was running out of magazines so she would be

A Secret Need – Part One

and saw that the guys had finally started taking notice. I’ve only been in one relationship before and we never got past small groping and lots of kissing. I’m to blame though because since the first day of my high school years I met a man who I have been lusting for ever since. This year I think I’ll finally get him. I plan to start today. The

big sister makes me cum

as she walked by in a small pair of running shorts and her sports bra dripping in sweat as I'd assumed she had just went for a long run, as she often does. she said she was lonely after all her roommates went home for the summer and she missed the family. She quickly went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I was still horny as my alone

Parking Lot Incest

unzips my jeans. My cock was already raging and hot wanting to find your depths. Your elbows held you up as they rested on the center console and you watched as my lengthy member was guided to the sweetest cavity I had ever known. Your cunt was wet to the extreme from your recent climax and I didn’t dally about pushing the head within the

Just a little Wet

end of the canal.   It is surrounded by grass and the only lights are inside the fountain.   I take off my sweatshirt and place it on the ground.   We sit next to each other, staring at the water.   Every so often, we catch each other’s eyes staring at one another.   You move closer to me and rest your head on my shoulder.   I slide my arm

The Interracial Sexual Surrogate Chapter four

man to feel my pussy squeeze his warm hard penis when he slams it in, and I want him to play and abuse it, in all the ways he can! . Then to slowly pull it out and tease my clit with his dick head until he cums all over me! I especially love the thought of cum lots of it from numerous men cumming in my face and then dripping from my face and

A Special Gift Ch. 02

almost caused him to cum right there. He struggled to overcome the urge and breathing hard he gave her permission to do what she wanted. She was still on her knees, so she just splayed them apart, rubbing her pussy against his lower legs moaning her need in a keening sound that came from the back of her throat. She braced one arm behind to open

I Had To Please Daddy Somehow

and said “Daddy”I stopped; I can’t believe I just said that. But it felt good, is that wrong??? I can’t help myself. I slid my hand back in my panties and started to finger myself again.I said “Daddy” again, but this time meant it.I was about to climax when I heard my door creak. I quickly pulled my hand out and turned towards the door. “Dad, how

whatever Lola wants...

right and then rested it on Lola's shoulder, wow impressive. I just danced a slow salsa around them and then Lola held my hand and dragged me in for a threesome. I enjoyed myself learning new steps and dancing as dirty as I  can, liberated and feeling extremely horny, I headed outside to call my date from the night before, maybe he maybe up for a

Mondo' s Clan part 3

to my hands.. As Sondi attacked, the sow swung its head and ripped open Sondi' s side. She still had the power to clamp down hard enough to paralyze the sow. Girl had disemboweled the sow with her belly attack. I like to think that my spear actually killed the sow but I really think the cats saved my butt. I looked around, the kits and their

Brobdingnag Ch. 06 and Last

was withdrawn from her mouth but left on her neck. The Queen and Ladies-in-Waiting went unerringly to the dungeon that Petrova and Griselda thought was secret. Griselda ran to the kitchen and retrieved her apron from Amelia. ‘The Queen is here and has asked for you,’ was all Griselda was able to say to me as she ran from the kitchens to the

My Asian Domination pt.3: a change in my life

me sliding in and out moving around. making me feel his love. we cum at the same time. he kisses me deeply once more and looks into my eyes. i love you he says. my only reply i love you too. the walk home was tiring so he carried me half way. we made sure not to let anyone see how we were feeling. as i open the door the house i notice Erin is


felt around there as a quick test. Underneath the silk underwear, he felt pubic hair but no penis whatsoever. He slid a pair of slender fingers onto his clit and softly fingered it. He rubbed a bit harder and bucked his head back. Davie moaned softly but he abruptly snapped out of it. He brushed his unkempt brunette hair back once more and gazed

A Very Modern Family Ch. 03

at this. Finish me off.’ Haley smiled, taking a bit of control back ‘Will you lick my pussy?’ ‘No, but I’ll do one better. If you listen to my lessons, I can show you how to make Gloria lick your pussy.’ ‘That’ll work!’ Haley responded gleefully and started licking passionately licking the gorgeous blonde woman in front of her.

US Army Boot Camp Graduate - Part III

relationships and sexual harassment. The Army Brass does not like for Officers to engage in any conduct that might call their decision-making responsibilities into question. Captain Milowsky asked me to meet with her at her Bachelor Officer’s Quarters (BOQ), which was nothing more than a fancy on-post hotel, designed as a temporary living

Fucked in the Fitting Room Part One

such shopping trip and we both had a luscious time.‘Grab a buggy,’ said Allen when we entered the store. ‘I plan to load up tonight.’‘I bet you do,’ I said and winked at Allen. Allen is six feet tall and built rock solid from head to toe. His skin is tanned deep brown from hours spent cruising beneath the sun on his Harley Davidson cycle. He’s

Dream of Souls Ch. 02

scent of her in, moaning. A single finger run along the line of her slit and the wetness there coated the tip of the finger. Bringing it to his lips, his tongue slid out and tasted the sweet, sweet taste that he’d collected from her. That small taste made him hungry like he’d never been before and placing his hands on the inside of her thigh, he

Friday Afternoon

his cock, intensifying the sensations even more. Sure enough, as I gripped onto his cock, my sexy bed partner was getting ready to empty his load. I willed him on, telling him to fuck me harder, to split me in two, to let me come over his hard cock. I moaned and made sure he knew how much I wanted his come.We had spoken about him coming over my

Khoe, A Tale of Sadness & Joy Ch. 02

have other humans in their lives, people who they interact with, live with, love with and care for. All that Taeko had on this side of the planet were contacts, people who she could get in touch with in order to obtain documents, money, even vehicles or weaponry. They were not the same thing. To meet one of her contacts in any social way would be

Rattling Snakes Cage 3 Ch. 01

by a couple of boxes next month…..I’ve got a new customer lined up….for the usuals.’ Patrick started to lift the full crates onto the trolley and wheel it into the store room calling over his shoulder, ‘Come into the office and we’ll work out a good price….over an ice cold beer.’ After the delivery was complete, crates of booze stacked up,

A Sunday Morning

me, now I want to do something special for you,’ she said as she continued to lick my penis as I become increasingly more erect. She licked the underside of my dick and then went down to my balls, in which she put one in her mouth. My eyes were close and the only sound in the room were my moans and the sound of the fireplace. She moved her mouth

Old Fashioned Love Story Ch. 04

He rather like his reputation. Jack Dreale was known for whoring and gambling. He did enjoy gambling it was true. Whether it was a sin or not. The whoring part was not true, but he encouraged it. In truth, he had befriended the owner of a whorehouse and enjoyed her company. Elizabeth knew her, and the two had gotten along quite well. Jack’s

Study Time

that towel, those wet breasts, erect nipples... Honestly, I was getting a boner just looking at her! Anyways, she found out I wasn't quite finished reading yet so she went over to a cupboard up against the wall, and reached up to try to get a bowl and... HER TOWEL SLIPPED OFF! I quickly looked away so she wouldn't be embarrassed, but that one

Dan Meets Meraina Ch. 02

never been to Dan’s house or met his roommate so I was a little nervous. Judging by Dave’s car I was pretty sure the house was nothing great. Dave never spoke about his roommate but I’d heard talk from some of the other people in the game. The guy’s name was Jay and he was kind of eccentric. like most of us gamers. I knew he didn’t play in our

The Home & Family Pt. 03

had been telling the truth about the two women looking alike. Luke was amazed how much they resembled each other. Linda Jane offered him a cold drink, while Marshall went to take a shower. Dakota and Luke sat in the living room, surrounded by the children and listening to them all trying to talk at once. It had taken about three minutes flat for

My First Sexual Experiences Part 1

making sure we had everything that we needed and that we had revised. I hadn't, but still said I had. My teacher then left the room, locking the door behind her.Within an hour I had completed the test. Lauren had obviously copied me, as she finished a few moments after me."Well that test was easy, wasn't it?" Lauren said in a sarcastic way. I